Logo: apertura quadrata in prospettiva con pareti rosse, a lato scritta Cinzano Arredamenti
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The encounter with ALPENINOX has meant for Cinzano Arredamenti the answer for its customers’ needs, as well as a starting point in its search for new goals. In fact, Cinzano Arredamenti is a licensed dealer of the ALPENINOX trademark, by Electrolux Professional.

This trademark is a significant calling card that has led to the production of truly outstanding kitchen equipments. The results from this positive experience, are translated into services directed especially to the client in the foodservice industry:

  • elaboration of a project that includes the decoration, complying with the applicable regulations
  • technical / executive assistance for the development of the lines and the relative systems
  • consulting in the choice of the equipments and training
  • post-sale specialized technical assistance financial consulting – Leasing


Dettaglio piano di lavoro di una cucina attrezzata